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Space4 AR SDK

SPACE4 is a Global leader Company for 4th Industry possesses core-technology of AR engine that supports IT companies and personal developers who makes AR world with the most optimized tools and environment.
Space4 AR SDK is AR engine to develop AR apps.
Space4 AR SDK is perfect solution with all features to develop AR apps such as world recognition, marker recognition, face recognition and QR/Barcode recognition.
Space4 is supporting SDK, demo project for platforms Unity, Android, iOS and is doing its best to provide the most optimized environment for developing.


o World Recognition

It enables you to recognize and track 3d space by frames feed from camera, enables you to detect plane and enable you to augment objects such as 3D content, video, image, audio, text there.
It has features to save, load and share 3d world map.

o Marker Recognition

It enables you to augment contents over the marker feed from camera and it provides powerful user-defined marker tracking feature.

o Face Recognition

It detects face data in the frame feed from camera with deep learning method and tracks 68 feature points(landmarks).
Also it has powerful face recognition, gender, age, expression detection functions.