Find out more about the Space4 AR engine.

  • Space4?

    SPACE4 is a Global leader Company for 4th Industry possesses core-technology of AR engine that supports IT companies and personal developers who makes AR with the most optimized tools and environment.
    Space4 is providing solution to produce the best AR contents, the best AR softwares and is doing its best to develop more modern technologies.
  • Supporting platform for Space4 SDK?

    Space4 AR SDK is supporting multi platforms.
    Its supporting platform is Unity, Android and iOS.
  • Main Technology of Space4 Engine?

    World Recognition
    It provides features to save, load, share map and provides features for distance measurement, plane detection with smartphone camera.

    Marker Recognition
    It enables you to detect image in real time and enables you to augment object over it.

    Face Recognition
    It detects landmarks, age, gender and expression from human face, store those data and recognize face with them.