Space4 Privacy Policy

- We work hard to protect your information and comply with privacy legislation and national guidelines.
- In Privacy Policy, we introduce how we use and protect personal information.
- Privacy Policy can be changed for law modification or for better usage of service. In this case, it is noticed on “Notice” of website or through email.

Compared to “Privacy Policy”, contents concerned with personal information in “Terms of Use” has higher privilege.

1st Information Space4 collects and Why

a. We collect minimum information to provide user registration service.
(1) It processes personal information for the purposes of these :
- Confirmation of signup
- Identification and verification of itself for membership service
- Maintenance and management of user`s right
- Various kind of notice

b. Information we collect as you use our services
(1) User Registration
- E-mail, Password
(2) The Others
- The information we collect includes
ㅇ IP Address
ㅇ Cookie
ㅇ Access Date
ㅇ History of Service Usage
ㅇ History of Illegal Usage
ㅇ Device Information

2nd Acquisition of personal information and usage period (brought about purpose of personal information usage, closure of service, end of business, etc).

Space4 destroys personal information immediately once it doesn’t require personal information anymore

3rd Destruction of Personal Information

The user’s personal information is to be destroyed immediately once the purpose of the use of per-sonal information.

a. Procedure of destruction
- After bringing about your purpose, your personal information is stored on specified DB for 3 months and it is destroyed after that.
- Personal information moved to specified DB is only used for the purpose concerned with law and it puts a tight lid on the access to others except admin.

b. Method of destruction
- Personal information stored in electronic-file-format is removed in safe method that cannot be re-covered.
- Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by using shredder.

4th Provision of personal information to 3rd party

a. In principle, the Company does not provide your personal information to 3rd party except for the purpose of Acquisition and Usage.

b. And the Company could provide your personal information if Investigation Agency wants depending on the rule of law or on the procedure and method for the purpose of investigation mentioned on the law.

5th User`s right and how to exert

a. You could access or modify your personal information and could cancel agreement for the usage of personal information, etc by the procedure of signout whenever you want.

b. You could do search/modify and signout in [Settings] of the website.
In addition to this, you could request to search/modify by contacting to Customer Support and to the conductor of personal information security by using phone or email.

6th User`s duty

a. You have to protect your personal information and the Company is not responsible of the problem occurred by your fault.

b. You have a right to be protected with your personal information, you have a duty to protect yourself and a duty not to infringe other`s information. Be careful for your personal information not to drained and not to infringe other`s.


7th Details concerned with installation, manage and refuse of the auto-acquisition device(Cookie, etc.) for personal information

a. The Company uses cookie to save and obtain your information in order to provide more suitable and useful service.
As a small text file, cookie, server using to manage your company`s website transmis, is save on your hard-disk of your PC. You could choose whether to use cookie.

b. How to refuse cookie setting
- By setting the option of your web browser, you could enable whole cookies, make it confirm whenever save cookie or refuse storing of whole cookies.
When refuse saving cookie, you would have limit in some service which needs login.

8th Technical/managerial protection provisions for personal information

The Company is using such protection provision in order to protect your personal information.

a. Encryption of Password
Your password is encrypted to be stored and managed. No one except you knows your password and it is possible for only you to confirm and update your personal information. So be careful for your pass-word not to be drained to other.

b. Provision for hacking and virus
The Company uses necessary protection provision and is doing its best to prepare more sophisticated protection provision in order to protect your personal information from hacking and virus.

c. Limit and education for personal information transactor
The Company limits the number of members to transact personal information and confirms performance and compliance by educating staffs frequently.

9th Conductor of personal information security

In order to protect your personal information and deal with complaints concerned with it, the Company has its own department in charge of personal information and conductor. Please contact to the conductor for the questions concerned with your personal information.

- Conductor of personal information security : MinWoo Shin (, 02-953-5-76)
Please contact to the committees mentioned below if you need report or consultation concerned with infringement for personal information.
- Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
- Personal Information Protection Committee ( without a telephone exchange number 118)
- Cyber Crime Investigation Committee, Supreme Prosecutor`s Office ( without a tele-phone exchange number 1301)
- National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (

10th Amendment and Notice of Personal Privacy Policy

When amending current personal privacy policy, the Company makes notices before 7 days.

This privacy takes effect from this day.
- November 1th, 2019