Space4 AR SDK Downloads

World Recognition

Recognize planes and augment objects by analyzing real-time images without specific markers

Space4 AR SDK Downloads

Marker Recognition

Engine that recognizes and tracks objects based on the marker images already registered

Space4 AR SDK Downloads

Face Recognition

Deep learning real-time face identification, face specific location, facial feature detection


Main Features

Space4AR Engine supports powerful, customizable SDK that enables IT companies and personal developers to make AR solution and contents in the most optimized environment.

World Recognition

This enables users to create, save and share space maps
between users with smartphone camera, supports distance measurement
and plane detection to develop more sophisticated AR contents.

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Map Creation
It extracts feature points from 2-Dimensional Camera and create world space map by recognizing 3-Dimensional space on the basis of optical difference between relative frames.
Map Save
A Map created in Space4AR engine is saved as structured smap file format.
Map Load
It loads map file saved as smap file format and restores previous environment by comparing with current one.
Map Sharing
Multiple users load the same map file to share space and content in real time.
Marker Recognition

It enables you to augment object by detecting image on the plane in real time.

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Register user-marker in real time
You can capture screenshot with smartphone camera
use it as a user-defined marker.
Marker Recognition
After registering marker, you can recognize it with smartphone camera. The more feature points your marker has, the better tracking result you would get.
Object Augmentation
It enables you to augment objects such as 3D content, Video, Chromakey, Audio and Image over the detected marker.
Marker Tracking
It tracks augmented object in real time.
Face Recognition

It provides features to detect feature points of human face, age, gender, emotion and features to save and recognize.

Landmark Detection
It detects 68 landmarks(feature points) for face feed from camera.
360 Degree Tracking
After detecting face, it is possible to track in the direction of 360 degree.
Gender, Age Detection
It is possible to detect gender, age in 95% of accuracy on the basis of vast amount of face training data.
Face Recognize
It is possible to detect in 100% of accuracy for faces which are stored in face DB.
Expression Detection
It detects various kinds of expressions for face that are feed from camera.