Space4 Service terms and conditions

Article 1. (Purpose)

These terms and conditions stands for purpose of determining items regarding to rights and duties of “Company” and “Member”(Defined in Article2), responsibilities and use procedures of “Member” ‘s “Ser-vice” with providing services(hereafter described as “Service”) through internet sites(hereafter described as “Sites”) that Space4(hereafter described as “Company”) runs.

Article2. (Term definition)

(1) Term definition used in this document is as below.

1st The "Site" that "Company" runs is as below.
2nd Member: A person registered as member providing personal info to “Company”, that is a person that concluded “Company” and “Service” use contract following this terms and conditions and re-ceived ID.
3rd ID: The email address that “Member” selected and “Company” approved for distinguishing “Members” and “Service” use.
4th Password: Combination of English characters and numbers that “Member” created and registered to “Company” for “Member” identification and right confidentiality of “Member”.
5th Posts: Codes, characters, articles and photos etc that “Member” published onto “Site” using the “Service”.

(2) The terms that undefined in this terms and conditions follow the definition of relevant legislation.

Article3. (Specification of terms and conditions, explanation and revision)

(1) “Company” posts the content of terms and conditions at the “Site” initial “Service” screen for “Mem-bers” to know. Merely “Members” can read details of terms and conditions through link screen.

(2) “Company” can revise the terms and conditions under the condition of not infringe relevant laws of terms and conditions legislations, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, E-Sign Act, Consumer Protec-tion Law on electronic transaction, Framework Act on Consumers, Location Privacy Protection Act etc.

(3) If “Company” revises terms and conditions, announces application date and reason from at least 7 days before application date through “Member” email.

(4) If “Member” uses “Company” ‘s “Service” after revision application date, it is regarded as agreed with revisions. “Members” who don’t agree with revised terms and conditions can cancel “Service” use con-tract anytime freely.

(5) The terms not defined and interpretation of this terms and conditions follow Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Art and relevant laws.

Article4. (Formation of Use Contract)

(1) Use contract is formed by “Member” ‘s agreement of terms and conditions and “Company” ’s consent on member signup.

(2) Formation date of use contract is the time that “Company” marked sign-up completion on the sub-scribe procedure.

Article5. (Use subscribing and consent)

(1) “Member” consents sign up by indicating agreement of terms and conditions after fill out member information following formation “Company” defined.

(2) “Company” can disallow subscribing or cancel use contract for next individual items.
1st If email equals with already registered “Member”
2nd If trying to use “Service” for unfair intention or profit
3rd If subscribed for purpose of infringement of relevant laws or against society rules or morals and manners.
4th If “Company” has limitation in equipment of “Service” running or technical problems. Merely in this case, can defer use consent until the issues are resolved.
5th If it is against this terms and conditions or confirmed illegality or unfair use subscribing and “Company” approved necessity by reasonable decision.

Article6. (Service available time)

The use of “Service” provided 24/7/365 unless “Company” has business or technical problems. Merely excludes the day or time “Company” set for surveillance test etc.

Article7. (Duties of member’s ID and password)

(1) The management responsibility of “ID” and “Password” belongs to “Member” and all civil and criminal liability responsibilities from careless belong to “Member”.

(2) “Member” not allow third person to use “Member” ‘s “ID” and “Password”.

(3) Once “Member” noticed that his “ID” and “Password” is stolen or third person is using, notify it to “Company” immediately and follow “Company” ‘s instructions.

(4) If “Member” not notify situation following (3) or not accept “Company” ‘s actions, responsibility of all advantages from it belongs to “Member”.

Article8. (Duties of Member)

(1) “Member” agrees to follow relevant laws, instructions that “Company” notifies such as content of this terms and conditions, use guide, etc and must not to do actions against extra “Company” ‘s business.

(2) “Member” must not do actions next points form “Service” use.
1st Registration of fake content during “Service” subscribing or modification
2nd Not allowed modification of information that “Company” posted
3rd Posting or transmission of information(computer program etc) else the information that “Compa-ny” posted
4th Violation to intellectual property such as “Company” or third person’s copyright
5th Defamation of “Company” or third person or behaviors against business
6th Posting or publishing pornography or violent message, video, audio and information against public order, moral and manners to the “Site”.
7th Nonfulfillment of duties of “Member”
8th The actions against relevant laws or rules that “Company” defined.

Article9. (Duties of Company)

(1) “Company” exerts not do action that is prohibited by relevant laws and these terms or against public order, moral and manners and provide secure and continuous “Service” following the terms indicate.

(2) “Company” must establish security system for protecting “Member” ‘s privacy information to make “Member” use “Service” securely, publish Privacy Policy and obey.

Article 10. (Providing information)

(1) “Company” can provide various information about “Service” use to “Member” through email and “Member” can refuse reception.
Merely “Company” can provide fundamental information for “Service” use (ex: relevant laws/policy modi-fication) regardless “Member” ‘s reception refuse intention.

Article 11. (Notification to member)

(1) If “Company” notify to “Member”, it is possible to do through the email that “Member” submitted to “Company” when subscribing sign up.

(2) If Company notify to unspecified individual “Members”, can substitute with individual notification by positing to “Site” more than 1 week.

Article12. (Post management)

(1) Company” can take measures such as removing post without prior notification or limit browsing on the below conditions.
1st Invasion of other’s rights, fame, credit and honest profit
2nd The content against public order or moral and manners
3rd Including content regarding to criminal behaviors
4th The content that violates rights such as “Company” ‘s copyright, third person’s copyright etc
5th Posting or linking unlawful, lewd content or media, ad, site that is harmful to juveniles
6th Posting commercial advertisement, sales promotion or other site’s link without “Company” ’s pri-or approval
7th Disturbing “Company” ‘s business by disguising fake content as true or disobey “Company” ‘s fact relevance verification more than 2 times
8th Decided as disturbing smooth actions of “Service” and other business behaviors that “Company” provides
9th Decided as violation of these terms and conditions or relevant laws

(2) If “Company” must pay damages to third person because of postings according to (2), causes at-tributable(meditation, judgement without distinction of civil or criminal) “Member” must pay equal cost to “Company” hardly when “Company” pay damages to third person.

Article 13. (Permission of copyright and exclusive use of posting)

(1) The copyright of post “Member” created belongs to creator and if “post” violates copyright of other person, “Member” takes responsibility of that action.

Article 14. (Stop Service)

(1) ”Company” can stop “Service” provide with next conditions
1st Inevitable cases such as maintenance of “Service” equipment
2nd Key telecommunications business operator prescribed in Telecommunications Business Act stopped telecommunications “Service”
3rd Other invincible reasons

(2)”Company” can limit or stop partial or full “Service” when there is obstacle in “Service” use such as state of national emergency, blackout, disability of “Service” equipment and pressure on “Service” use.

Article 15. (Contract termination)

(1) Withdraw from member
1st ”Member” can terminate use contract inside “Site” anytime.
2nd Withdrawn “member” according to above item can sign up as “member” according to rules “Company” defined anytime.

(2) Withdraw from company
1st “Company” can terminate use contract for the reasons below and possession of the “member” infor-mation follows Privacy Policy.
  ① Confirmation of consent refuse reason Article6. Item3
  ② Violation of rights, fame, credit or honest profit of “Company” or “Member” and behaviors against ROK laws or appointment.
  ③ Attempts or behaviors against fair running of “Service” that “Company” provides.
  ④ Approval of necessity to refuse provide of “Service” by else “Company” ‘s rational decision
2nd Use Contract is terminated at the time “Company” notifies to “Member” termination intention. In this case, “Company” notifies termination intention through the email “Member” registered.

(3) If contract is terminated, all the posts “Member” registered are removed.

(4) ”Member” took responsibility for damages occurred by termination of contract and “Company” will take no responsibility.

Article 16. (Attribution of copyrights and limitation of usage)

(1) The copyright, patent, trademark rights and other intellectual property that “Company” created belongs to “Company”.

(2) “Member” should not use information gathered by “Service” in other method such as copy, transmis-sion, publish, distribution, broadcast or make third person use without “Company” ‘s prior consent.

Article 17. (Privacy Policy)

(1) “Company” follows what relevant laws decides such as Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc to protect “Member” ‘s personal information. For protection and use of personal information, relevant laws and “Company” ‘s Privacy Policy is applied.

(2) “Company” makes Privacy Policy to protect “Member” ‘s personal information and posts it at initial screen of “Service”.

(3) “Company” neither use the information provided by “Member” for use contract in any other purposes else “Service” running nor provide to third person without “Member” ‘s agreement. Merely, except for next cases.
1st Use of member information and provide to third person is allowed by laws
2nd Got agreement of “Member” according to other “Company” ‘s terms and privacy

Article 18. (Record Preservation)

(1) According to Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act, “Company” preserves records of next points for period decided in the laws.
1st Records of use contract or withdraw subscription

Article 19. (The exemption clauses)

(1) “Company” is escaped from responsibility of “Service” provide in the case of cannot provide “Service” because of disaster or irresistible force from it.

(2) ”Company” will not take responsibility of “Service” use obstacle due to reasons attributed to “member” .

(3) “Company” will not take responsibility of loss of gain “Member” expected using “Service” and damages due to data that is acquired by “Service”.

(4) “Company” will not take responsibility for transaction between “Members” or between “Member” and third person using “Service”.

Article 20. (Dispute Settlement)

(1) “Company” establishes and runs damage reward system to reflect “member” ‘s lawful opinion or complication and reward the damage.

(2) “Company” processes complaint and opinion that “member” suggests preferentially. Merely if it is hard to process rapidly, notify the reason and timeline to “member” immediately.

Article 21. (Proper law and competent court)

(1) For the interpretation of the terms and dispute between “Company” and “Member”, laws of ROK are applied.

(2) The suit between “Company” and “Member” during “Service” use is sued to Seoul Central District Court.

Additional clause

These terms are applied from 11/01/2019.